Hip Pain

Hip Pain services offered in Bellmore, NY

Hip Pain

Dealing with hip pain can be an ongoing challenge that affects your ability to walk, stand, or even sit comfortably. At Shoreline Acupuncture in Bellmore, New York, licensed acupuncturist Lisa Senay, LAc, provides comprehensive, orthopedic-focused care for hip pain, aiming to relieve discomfort and restore function to your hip. Call the acupuncture clinic today or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

Hip Pain Q&A

What causes hip pain?

The hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint that provides stability and mobility for activities like walking, running, and sitting. It bears more weight than any joint, making it crucial for overall functioning and movement. Damage to the joint or the structures that help stabilize it can significantly affect movement and other physical capabilities.

Many factors can lead to hip pain, including:


Hip pain may occur when the bursae — small fluid-filled sacs that cushion the joint — become inflamed, resulting in discomfort and a limited range of motion.


Cartilage degeneration in the hip joint can lead to osteoarthritis, causing pain, swelling, and stiffness during movement.


Hip pain can also stem from inflamed tendons, which connect muscles to the hip bone, causing discomfort during activities.

Muscle strain and overuse

Overexertion or sudden movements can lead to muscle strain, causing hip pain as the muscles around the joint stretch or tear.

Can acupuncture help hip pain?

Acupuncture can be highly effective in addressing hip pain. Lisa at Shoreline Acupuncture offers personalized treatments to target the root causes of your hip discomfort. She uses acupuncture to ease muscle tension, reduce inflammation, and promote blood circulation. With regular sessions, acupuncture can help improve hip mobility and relieve pain.

How many acupuncture sessions do I need for hip pain?

The number of acupuncture sessions needed for hip pain can vary based on your specific condition and pain severity. Most people begin with at least two acupuncture sessions per week. Lisa closely monitors your progress during the initial sessions and may adjust the frequency based on your response to treatment. 

For those with chronic hip pain, ongoing acupuncture sessions, ideally at least once a week, are ideal to maintain consistent relief and support long-term recovery.

Are there other alternative therapies for hip pain?

Lisa specializes in many alternative therapies for hip pain at Shoreline Acupuncture. Along with acupuncture, she may recommend complementing your sessions with:

  • Cupping therapy
  • Infrared therapy
  • Pain-relieving topicals and lotions (including white flour oil)
  • Hydrocollator heating pad

Hip pain can diminish your ability to participate in the activities you enjoy. Call Shoreline Acupuncture today or schedule an appointment online to begin your personalized journey toward lasting relief for your hip pain.